Seek alpha customer intros and /or product feedback

Hello Elphas! I have been this community for a while, and I love how clean and friendly the community is.

My name is Kate and I lead the effort on frontend engineering here at Consentify aims to streamling customer consent solutions for businesses. Currently, our first version of MVP is live.

We're looking to be connected with privacy industry counsel, or business leaders who would like to solve customer consent challenges.

Secondarily, if you know of any company leaders who care about the influence of Washington’s MHMD in their business , please send them my way!

Many thanks for the support Elphas!!

Hello Kate, it's wonderful to have you here :) Hm what do you mean by customer consent? like agreeing to share data for instance? And so I understand the profile of people you are looking for, what exactly should be their roles and any industry? e.g you shared Washington's MHMD, do you want folks in healthcare? I was a bit confused by the ask as to why I was hoping you could clarify!
Hello, Iynna, Thanks for the reply. Yeah, your understanding on customer consent is totally right, it is about user agree on what their data can be used by a company.We are looking connections a who is privacy consultant or privacy officer of a company, in industry that their business collects customers' data.Ideally, connections in health care industry would be more ideal.Thanks for the support, Iynna.
I understand! Have you met @kjcarpenter who is a privacy lawyer? @XoliswaSitengile who's in GRC though I don't think focused on HC, and then @laurabudge who's in cyber!
Hi Kate,I’m happy to discuss consent issues and healthcare topics with you. Please reach out to me directly. :) @lynna thanks for the mention! *katherine
Thanks for the support !! @ Iynna and Katherine.I made a connection request on Linkedin, hopefully this is you.Wonder can you accept connection request, elpha doesn't support me to message you directly.