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Heya everyone,

I'm excited to join this community and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth. As a newcomer to this platform, I aspire to expand my network, participate in upcoming events, and continuously evolve as an individual. I'm eager to learn from experienced professionals and seek guidance on successfully transitioning into the UX research and design industry.

Today will be my last day and I will complete the Google UX research & design certification, I'm filled with a blend of excitement and nervousness as I prepare to embark on this new chapter. I would be immensely grateful for the opportunity to connect with individuals who have established themselves in the field and are willing to share their insights and experiences.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:"

Welcome Akiliaha! It is so nice to meet you and have you here. Are you thinking about doing some UX/UI work? I have seen people here saying that having a portfolio is super useful as a first step. Then I think besides roles at companies that have these needs (eg tech companies), you can have opportunities at agencies/consultancies type of org.Lastly take a look at this thread (a bit old but I think some of the advice can be useful)
Hey IynnaThank you so much for replying to my post! I am interested in doing some UX work, but I know the market is currently hard for any entry level UXers, I plan on working on my portfolio these upcoming months to showcase my skill set. Thank you so much for sharing this thread, I will look more into it throughout this week!
Of course! Yes working on the portfolio might be a good idea.