Best education communities/resources for Product Managers?

Hi Elphas - looking for best education resources/communities specific to PMs.

Aware of Reforge, Product School, lots of great individual posts here on Elpha!

Any other places you recommend your PM teams to learn from/gain shared language, or have leveraged for your own PM career?

Lenny's Newsletter! With the paid subscription you also get access to an amazing community through their Slack channel. It's how I got connected to Elpha, too. :)
I'm a huge fan of Mind the Product--I've used their posts and talks to help build my team's vocabulary around roadmaps, product development process, and more. I've also leaned a lot on Marty Cagan's posts from the Silicon Valley Product Group. Both together have given me a solid foundation of resources to refer back to in my product work. I've also attended a Women in Product conference remotely back in 2020, and I found some of their talks to have great resources for PMs.
Aha. These are great - thank you @rachelkspurrier!