Remote workers are the best!

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I mostly enjoy working remotely! It's been incredibly productive for me, and I'm also fairly introverted, so being away from people most of the time works. :) I work from home in Salt Lake City, UT and having a comfortable home office setup has been my favorite part about working remotely. I have my plants and tea, and a good chair with a nice view outside. So far I don't have any complaints (it's been about a year), but let's see if that changes as time goes on.
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I have worked remotely for about 3 years now. I love it. It gives me the focus I need to complete my tasks. I agree with the challenges part though. You miss out on on-the-spot meetings and in-office brainstormings. But if you have determined to overcome these, they are unlikely to hamper your progress.
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I love working remotely. It can be a challenge to form connections with coworkers who are all around the world but it gives me a reason to travel. I've worked remotely from Europe, Asia, and throughout the US, my base now is in Los Angeles.
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I am so excited about working remotely from home, with distributed team in different parts of the world. It helps me to be disciplined, pick up new skills and earn in foreign currencies. In fact, I look out for such opportunities always.