The Interview-Landing SaaS Resume Toolkit is FREE through August ❤️

Hi all! This month is Resume Month in my world, and I have a toolkit I'm sharing for free to celebrate!

If you haven't yet sat down to write your resume, or you know yours needs some serious work...this is for you.

It's got my favorite resume template (which folks have used to land jobs at Salesforce, Workday, Slack, Tropic, AppCues, and dozens of small startups,) a walkthrough on how to use the template and customize it for your unique career (Add certs? Multiple roles at one place? It's all swappable,) and a few other videos and resources to help you rev up your resume to land more interviews in tech 🙂

Normally it's $17. Free until 8/31. Here's the link. Hope you check it out!