Hey amazing humans!

I just wrapped up my first week at a new job and mahn, I am fulfilled and beat! I am grateful to have a great team to collaborate with and learn from, an amazing boss that is passionate about what he does and the people that help him achieve that, and I am also so grateful to have fulll creative liberty to set up my department! So much pressure, but also so fun. 😂

Just for a bit of background, I started as a brand and marketing intern at a fintech company. I have 3 years of experience, but I am a fresh graduate hence starting as an intern, It's alright, this girl isn't afraid to work her way up! I am completely new to the fintech space so there's so much learning going on for me right now.

Starting a new job has been a challenge and a whirlwind of excitement at the same time. I had everything all set up for the first week, my workflows, my priority tasks, high level deliverables, etc. As you can imagine, none of that went to script 😂 plans are feeble in the feat of circumstance and fate.

Either way, I've had a productive week, it has been kind to me. My heart is full! I'm looking forward to recharging over the weekend.

Here's some of my favourite fits from this week, just because :)

Thanks for reading.

Blessings on blessings to you all. ✨🌻

Congratulations so happy for you! You have the right attitude re working your way up, rolling up your sleeves and do the work! That’s the only way to do it in my opinion.
Thank you !! πŸ₯°
Joy, you have a really strong writing voice! I'd love to see you write a regular series or have a blog. I like the upbeatness and was totally drawn into what your first week was like. Also love the fits <3
Thank you Sarah, I do love to write, it's how I best express and connect with myself. ❀️ Thanks for engaging.
Love to hear this, Joy! What a great feeling when you're starting something new and it feels exciting, fresh and just the right amount of overwhelming ha!
Righttt? A perfect blend of everything.