Online AI courses/study for Product Managers

Hi Elpha Community,

could you please recommend either courses or postgraduate studies for product managers that around AI? I am not looking for technical knowledge that much, but ways and strategies to incorporate AI to built better products.



That's super interesting and very timely. While I can't recommend any course specifically (not my forte), II feel like any of the good technical/product focused schools would have some online courses for you (I'd check MIT, CMU, berkeley, Stanford, and then EdX for MOOCs a lot of free stuff too)
Thank you! I'll have a look! Much appreciated!
Of course! I wonder if @BoskyMukherjee has some thoughts! She's in product!
Hi Marta, This Google sponsored course was recommended to me and looks like a good starting point to understand some of the basics I've got it on my learning list for this month
Thank you so much!
Amazing, thank you so much for sharing!
you got it!
Lots of FREE courses if you google. I'd also recommend chatGPT if you are looking for use cases. Feel free to watch my interview with Janna Bastow where we chat about AI use cases in product management, how this field will change -
Thank you !