Elpha Book Club - Kick Off on May 8th!

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Amazing! Excited for this. Thanks for getting this started, Whitney!
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Yay!! Thank you for organizing, Whitney!
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thank you for supporting and helping!
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Super excited to dive into this book and chat all about it on May 8th - just read the summary of it on goodreads and can’t wait to read it!
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So excited for this! Was just about to start reading :)
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Super excited!
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I'm going to be the contrarian here. I read Daring Greatly, and I wanted to stab my own eyeballs out. Her humble bragging was off the charts. Brene, if you want to be humble, be humble. If you want to brag, then brag. I couldn't bear the stream of "I'm so perfect that sometimes it becomes a problem" scenarios. For a book about vulnerability, she wasn't vulnerable at all.To preserve the sanctity of my eyeballs, I am going to sit this one out. But I am really curious to read/hear Elpha's reactions to the book. Maybe she has a stronger voice on leadership than vulnerability. Three cheers for executive summaries.
I felt the same, and I dropped this book. I had enjoyed one of her first books, "The Gifts of Imperfection," so "Daring Greatly" was a disappointment. I still have "Dare to Lead" on my to-read list.
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Oooh! Hot take! I've kind of felt similarly with her stuff in the past (never actually been able to finish and entire book), so curious to be a part of the conversation and see where it goes!
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I was thinking on this more, and I think the book on vulnerability didn’t work because she can’t have a weakness. It’s an advice book. Our brain needs to think, “yes, this person has the answers, we can depend on her.” By being vulnerable herself, she shows weakness, which our brain may perceive as unreliability. So her “weaknesses” had to be contrived. Not really weaknesses at all. So eye-rolling humble bragging ensued.I think it would have worked if she would not have inserted herself into the narrative and told vulnerability stories only from her clients’ points of view.
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Super excited for this! Thanks for setting this up, Whitney!
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Yay! This has been on my list, and I'll be finishing two books by that time so it's a good progression! Also, don't forget about your local libraries ladies!
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woohoo! 🎤
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UPDATE:Less than 1 week until the kick off of our Elpha Book Club series! Excited to have a wider discussion on, Dare to Lead with everyone!In an effort to be as time inclusive as possible, please vote for the most convenient time (EST) on May 8th:👍11:00 am ✌️6:00 pm 👌 7:00 pmAgenda and platform of discussion to follow!
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Hi Whitney! Is there an event link for the next discussion?!