Star Power: FREE talk with internationally acclaimed astrologer

Join our talk on zoom! Today, April 26th at 5pm PT / 8PM ET

Leslie McGuirk is an internationally acclaimed astrologer. She's also an author and an artist. What makes Leslie special is her unique ability to map the ways that alignment of the stars shapes the human journey, and to apply those findings to help improve health and human experiences. With over 30 years of study, Leslie’s level of accuracy is undeniable, and her precise and comprehensive guidance can be both transformational and instructive.Come listen to her share not only her own journey, but the stories of impact and transformation that happen for people who are willing to push themselves beyond the expected and familiar.


I would have liked to listen in. Any chance I could listen to a recording? Thanks
Hi! You can as a member of Parlay House - you can sign up free here: