We are hiring, come join the Courier team!https://www.courier.com/

Tech startups have a vibe and you either love it or turn the other direction. Courier is vibrant and witty. Full of sweet humans who work incredibly hard yet have a rad balance of work and play. Applauded when you take at least a week off every quarter, and given (emoji) tacos when you get your shi* done - Courier is changing the notification game and we are thrilled to welcome new Pigeons to our team.

If you are driven, do well in an autonomous environment, and are comfortable with candor and transparency, check out our careers page! We are adding new roles daily for the next few weeks so feel free to check back in or email me directly if you are not seeing something that fits your skill set.

We are passionate about what we do and bringing on talented people to help achieve some pretty big goals. We look forward to hearing from you!



Sr. Technical Recruiter

shwetagoyal's profile thumbnail
Hey @krissheron. Do you hire people on contract basis?
krissheron's profile thumbnail
@shwetagoyal we actually have a need for a contract writer! Feel free to email me your resume/portfolio/LinkedIn profile ([email protected])
shwetagoyal's profile thumbnail
Hey Kriss. Thank you for your response I have sent you an email.
Tamilore's profile thumbnail
Hi @krissheron Can I still email you or is the contract writer position filled?
krissheron's profile thumbnail
Hi Tamilore, You can still email me! We are still looking. Thanks!
Tamilore's profile thumbnail
Thanks for your response Kriss, I'll email you immediately.
AnnaGraves's profile thumbnail
@krissheron Courier sounds like startup heaven! I'll keep my eye on your career page for UI/UX Design/Content Design roles! 🐣 (that chick is me waiting to grow into a Pigeon).