Marketing intern- Project Management


I’m currently a Project Marketing Manager intern at Salesforce for the Summer. I will be a Senior at the University of San Francisco this fall. Im looking for a remote, San Francisco, or California based internships for Fall 2022! If you are interested or know of any companies looking for an intern feel free to contact me.

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Tagged "Job hunting" instead of "job board" for you Kenya!
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Thank you
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Curious @Nena I know you are looking for a full time Marketing Associate, but to the extent you are open to bring someone part time to help on a project basis?
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@iynna this position will be replacing a couple of part-time contractors who have been working with us for the past year. Our founding team is looking for a full time team-member who can focus exclusively on growing the business. I will update if that changes, though!
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Super clear! Thank you for sharing additional context! I will think of relevant candidates :)