Pilot Customers / People interested not responsive!

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What is the benefit of the newsletter to the customer?
They'll receive updates on our progress, tips/hacks related to our product, and be the first to know about the launch!
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Where are you based and what marketing tools have you used so far? Who are your customers and how do you know they're actually interested? My first instinct is to just call the, and say the offer is limited for a number of days.
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I am missing context here but based on what you are saying "we have a couple of pilot customers and people interested" with this, and knowing they have already showed interest, why do you need permission to send your newsletter? as long as you don't make it spammy and looks more curated (even though you automate the process)If you feel strongly about asking permission, then why don't you follow up with them and say something in the effect "Hope you're well - I wanted to see if you'd be open to be on our VIP list where we would share progress etc. We are ontrack to launch by XXX and excited to work with you closely, in the meantime we would love for you to be kept in the loop of our progress, after all we would not be here without you - a valued partner!"
Thank you! That helps a lot. They have gotten back to us after we followed up. We wanted to ask permission since it has been over a few months since we last talked to them due to the pandemic.
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That is great to hear! Really happy they responded and are they open to receiving the newsletter then?
Yes they are!
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Woohoo! Best of luck :)