California Parental Leave Consulting!

Hello all!

I wanted to put my info out here for anyone who needs helps navigating parental leave in California! My name is Brittney and I'm based in Sacramento. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for lots of good tips and tricks on how to maximize your time! @itsyourleave (Instagram).

Thanks so much!

thank you for sharing!! this question came up a few days ago but do you know where people can find roles that are new mom friendly?
Feel free to follow me @itsyourleave on Instagram to see!
Yes! I actually have a post on my instagram about 5 companies that offer the best parental leave policies!
Oh, I have a question for you, if you don't mind. This situation will probably out me, but I'll keep it anonymous just as a thin veneer of confidentiality. This happened ages ago and is done and dusted, so I just want to get your take on what the heck we could have done.I worked for a company that had pretty generous maternity leave benefits that kick in at 1 year of service. I had a team member whose due date was three weeks *before* her one year employment anniversary. I figured, for sure, we could do something. Like, come on, it's three weeks, and we profess to support a diverse workplace, right? WRONG. HR would. not. budge. I suggested a whole bunch of options. Nope.Now. We had unlimited PTO at that place. At any place with limited PTO, as we all know, new parents hoard their vacation days all the time to make up a longer paid leave. Are there gray areas here about whether unlimited PTO can be used that way, given that I, as her manager, was perfectly happy to give her the time?
This is definitely an interesting one- where were they based? I'd love know more and this is really good content for a post- let me know!
In California. Yeah, it would be interesting to get some professional HR take on this.