QUESTION: Thoughts about Local Startup Events?

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I don't think I've ever attended any events in the morning or mid-day during the week. Those wouldn't work with my schedule. Evenings work best for me. That said, I personally wouldn't mind weekend mornings (particularly if it's a more networking oriented event!)As for events themselves, I love ones that provide recordings (if it's an informational one) post event. I also wish more events are more inclusive in the way it's being advertised when it comes to beverage options (ie. for those that focus on an alcoholic component aka "wine and x").
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I'd love to hear a bit more about what you mentioned about inclusive advertisement
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A lot of events I've seen, or even groups (such as which is an amazing group) have alcohol in its title, and while non-alcoholic beverages are always offered as alternatives, I think the labelling itself can be more inclusive and not lean on a drinking culture.
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I agree with weekend mornings being possible (especially if there is food!). I would also prefer for something to be specifically informational or specifically for meeting people.
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What types of topics are you interested in?
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The most useful events are those which are structured to help strangers connect with one another. I love breakfasts and small events where you can go around the table, introduce yourself, and hear what everyone has to say versus 'all comers' events where its just open networking. Granted, this does create more work for the sponsor but it is a whole lot more useful and memorable.
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I definitely like time for "open networking" where you can talk to whoever you like as it makes for quick and easy connections. Some type of structure in the event though is nice so you keep switching and don't get "stuck" talking to the same person so long that you miss other important connections. Also, I live in Oakland and get annoyed with the high percentage of events that are in SF and the Peninsula, and extremely low percentage in the East Bay (and Marin).
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A lunch and learn would be helpful.