You're 36, and spent 15 years in marketing while on and off trying new side business ventures (serial entrepreneur mindset). Your latest one, a content marketing agency that you started in 2021 is coming to a close this year. Your agency was small, with 3 employees, and the rest outsourced. How would you re-enter the workforce? Ideally into a leadership role. You loved relationship management, leading, coaching, creative strategizing, and teaching in the agency world, but creating the content side of things. What would you do next?

Hi Whitney,I'd start by my close network of friends, past coworkers, mentors, and clients at my agency to let them know of the plans and what I want (seems like I've already done the work on what a good role might look like) and then ask if there are opportunities to work with them in some capacities. Though my eyes would be set on a leadership role within those functions listed, I'd try and be open to other roles that would take me there if it made sense!
For my consulting business - I positioned my cv as if the company hired me as an employee rather than a contractor or consultant. And picked the most impressionable ones. Because it was often shorter in duration I only put the year and not month on cv with the clients name, role title and accomplishments. So I could be hireable to larger companies. This successfully worked and I got hired with recruitiers still contacting me. 🙌
Wow so smart!! thank you for sharing this tip with us!