Work travel with baby

I am about to resume work after a long break. I'm being told that I would need to travel for a week to one of the offices. I have a baby and I'm not sure how I can take her with me to work. I also can't leave her with my husband as I'm still nursing.

Has anyone been in a situation like this? Any tips or advice?

This may be a naive suggestion but do you have any fellow moms at your company who might have tips for you and perhaps how the company accommodated?
It is a startup with 80% male.
Rather than try to strategize about taking baby, have you asked the question of whether the travel is *actually* necessary? Why wouldn't video call suffice at this time in your life?
I've asked for a call to ask about this possibility as well.
If you really do need to be there in person, some moms take the partner (or another family member) along to facilitate nursing (bringing the baby to you when it's time for the baby to eat). Others pump before and during the trip, regularly shipping the milk home using a service like MilkStork.
Companies seriously need to be more mindful of working mothers. Is it really necessary for you to travel?