BDR/SDR at Startip SAAS Companies

If you know these acronyms above let's talk! I've built 6 BDR/Sales teams here in the bay area and now I am helping 3 start ups build their own. I have exclusive connections to some amazing opportunities. If you are currently in sales and would like to dip your toe into an early stage high growth company -- let's talk. Even if it's just to network --- I would love to meet you.

About me: I recently quit my head of sales position and am an advisor at a couple companies. I am currently looking at potential sales operations roles, but am having a lot of fun just networking! Recently started mentoring women in early tech sales careers and have been so much fun giving back to the women in tech community!

Please message me if interested in learning more!

Nice to meet you! Have you heard of Candidate Lab? You might be a great fit for their platform!
Thanks!! I’ll check them out