Validate your idea/product/service/MVP in real time!

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Good to know!! I have been working on an idea and building things for a while all alone and having been wanting to get my idea validated, but couldn't find good resources online. Hope this helps! Thanks!
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Hey Divya! Do let me know if you need help, you have a person on the inside :) I'm keen on helping you validate your idea.
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Hey Roshal! There's a thread recently on looking for testing services, you may want to reach out to folks from: !
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Hey Teresa, Thank you for directing to that priceless conversational thread! WIll try my best to help fellow-Elpha members! Much love.
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exciting! congrats on the launch
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Hello! Thank you so much! I'm keen to know what your brand 'Lunch Pail Labs' does.Let's talk?