Looking for panelists & a moderator for GHC panel "Being the First: An Open Discussion on Being the First Woman to Join a Startup"https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lSdzzayzI9mZNPpykytcuwU9f9mh7nRS4DWQX5pwpkk/edit?usp=sharing

I'm organizing a panel for Grace Hopper 2021!Over four years ago, I was the first woman to join Skydio in a technical role. With this panel, we will bring together women who have been the first woman in computing at their company to discuss advantages of joining a startup, self-advocacy, red flags, inclusion and more.If you were the first woman in tech to join a startup, or if you know who the first woman to join your startup was, please reach out. I'm currently looking for a moderator as well as fellow panelists!
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Hi Kristen, I'd LOVE to be your moderator! I've been an entrepreneur for 20+ years, I'm a fun public speaker who asks great questions and entertains while getting to the heart of the topic. Plus, I've been the only woman on a team several times over. If you're interested, what would be next steps?
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Hi! Interested in being a panelist 😀
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Hi Kristen,I am very interested in being a moderator for Grace Hopper 2021! I am a seasoned Toastmaster and HR professional who loves to support other women in tech. My passion is to give women the tools to be successful leaders and inspire their teams to shine. Hoping that I can assist in making Grace Hopper an amazing program this year!
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Happy to join, I'm always the first woman and the first HR person in startups for the last 5 years :)