Improving your Excel / Google Sheet Skills

I love sharing but haven't had the chance to post valuable resources I find here for the community. So .. here we go ...

As you start building and growing your startup (or working at a company) you will realize the power of such tools as Excel / Google Sheets. I depend on it for all of my calculations, accounting, and even organizing tasks. However, I have never officially learned how to use Excel. Everything I knew was self-taught (as is the case with the majority). I even tried a number of online courses but to be honest, they put me to sleep.Until ... I discovered Miss Excel. Have you heard of her? She teaches everything and anything you need to know about Excel / Google Sheets in a way that keeps you engaged and is actually fun and WOW the tool is soooo powerful!As one of Miss Excel's many fans (maybe even her number 1 fan) and as someone who has taken many of her courses, I highly recommend checking her out and even trying some of the courses if you're looking to improve your skills.


I love it! And I love to see all these amazing resources! An even better oen because free is this (and highly recommended by Morning Brew haha)
Thank you for sharing. The in-depth learning from is perfect if you are running a startup or working for a company. She also offers free courses you can try. Check it out and let me know what you think
Love it!!! I have taken modelling classes so it's not so much excel 101 but ofc tons of excel usage!