Technology startup launching this September looking for a Director, Product Growth Marketing!

Sibs is a technology startup launching this September. We are a social marketplace for barter.

Our mission at Sibs is to bring people together through trade, the greatest system for exchanging value. Sibs brings users a mobile platform to connect and discover, to trade for what you want so you can buy what you need. We’re not here to disrupt. We’re here to restore.

Described as “the TikTok of trade” by alpha users, the app provides a simple video-based stream featuring people describing and showing the products they have to trade. On the app they can browse items to trade, chat with other users, and complete their trades. Backed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and funders, this small company is now preparing for launch.

Sibs is looking for an experienced creative product growth marketing director to drive the app launch & community building strategy. This role will work closely with our product development team and have a leading role shaping the user experience, onboarding flow, and in-app engagement strategy of our product. You are an out-of-the-box thinker who deeply understands Gen Z culture and behavior, TikTok & internet video trends, and thrives on fresh and unusual marketing ideas. You will be responsible for recruiting beta users of the app, monitoring early user behavior, running feedback focus groups, distilling insights for the product team, and contributing to the evolution of the revenue strategy. You will identify opportunities to drive awareness, adoption, and engagement of our app in key markets, with a combination of digital and in-person strategies. You will co-lead the marketing strategy for rolling out the app, from soft to public launch. At the most essential level, this role is chiefly responsible for understanding and improving the experience of the new user from download to signup to repeat usage. Your deep sense of empathy, instincts for what makes an app sticky, and ability to continually unearth insights that make the app better will make you a central player on the team.

This role is perfect for a high and proven performer eager to step into a major leadership role. The keys to success in addition to your skills are your ideas, your interpretation of Gen Z digital culture, and your passion/work ethic. We have an exceptional founding team with world-class advisors, but the right person will create a unique vision for this product and this role.


  • Use and test the app, understand its functionality and contribute to feature & design ideas
  • Recruit beta testers and organize their feedback for the product team
  • Act as the linchpin between leadership, brand, product and tech to crystallize product roadmap and growth goals
  • Originate new frameworks/templates for shaping the User Generated Content that users submit in the app
  • Synthesize insights from testing, user data and the founders’ vision to articulate clear messaging and value proposition for potential and new Sibs users
  • Develop marketing ideas that will help Sibs acquire new users, via both digital & IRL tactics
  • Turn your observations of user behavior and in-app trends into actionable feedback for the product and leadership team
  • Leverage consumer and product research to effectively utilize resources to drive growth strategy
  • Plan the app's rollout from private beta to public launch, contributing to growth marketing efforts & product marketing deliverables
  • Help Sibs hit user acquisition targets and develop scalable strategies for acquiring users organically

Functional Expectations:

We expect this role to apply fluency in the following:

  • growth marketing and/or product management
  • demonstrated ability to forge highly effective cross-functional partnerships and drive decision-making
  • proficiency in building models and spreadsheets to map and monitor progress and to operate tools to engage users
  • familiarity with online ad-buying and community engagement
  • You will also be able to collaborate with engineers on concepting, testing, and product changes.

Start Date: immediate

Salary Range: $130-150K + benefits

Contact: [email protected]