Github Repo Tips?

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- I would make a lab Github and then add people to the organization. That way everyone has access (and read/write privileges) to the repositories related to their work and don' t have to fork to make edits but they can also have their own GitHub account where they can keep personal work. This way the two don't get mixed but you also have clear visibility into what others are working on and how they are doing it. It is also great for helping to on board new people because they can easily browse by project. - I love git and I love seeing what I'm doing and what other people are doing. It makes it so much easier to go back and look at what it used to be when you occasionally break something or lose a variable or make a change that breaks something somewhere else - it gives you really great history data and makes it easy to find changes. - Another big thing for me is that it means I can switch laptops and can pick up exactly where I left off easily. I once forgot my laptop charger at home but had both my personal and work laptops in my bag so I worked on one until it was about to dies, pushed up my code, pulled it down on the other and maybe lost five minutes.