Do you subscribe to newsletters? If yes, which ones?

With the rise of newsletters, I was wondering if anyone had great recommendations for me! Mainly in business, tech, branding, marketing would be great.

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I like the Broadsheet by Fortune Magazine.
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I subscribe to Femstreet.
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Wow this is my first time hearing about dense discovery and it's amazing?! Thank you @teresaman !!!
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+1 for dense discovery
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+1 for dense discovery as well!
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I really like Morning Brew and specifically subscribe to their emerging tech one:
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Lenny’s Newsletter ( has good product management tips and tricks! I go for the free version- I can’t justify paying money to get an email 🤔Non-work related but still valuable is Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich newsletters ( Strongly suggest giving his book a read if you haven’t already!
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I have recently subscribed to paid version after reading the free content for about a year. I follow him on Twitter and he shared nuggets of his paid content there which really pushed me to go for a paid one, $15 a month. But I feel, it’s worth it, specially if you are really trying to up your product game. He has a slack channel and job board too. Basically lots of valuable information, just what my morning needed in a concise way.
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This is an awesome perspective! Im curious - does the community interact with each other? and has it become your vital morning consumption of news, learnings etc?
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Yes, they do. With emails, you get drowned into other non necessary information and that takes the critical time away. I follow a few leaders on substack - mostly are free (Perspectives by Deb Liu) except for this paid one by Lenny.
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Interesting perspective on the paid newsletter. Even if the contents are valuable to you? Is it just the format it’s being delivered that’s turning you away - emails?
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I’ve never really thought about it, but it must be the format. For me, I get so many emails as it is (both spam and legitimate emails), it doesn’t make sense to me to pay to receive additional emails. Plus, I don’t think I’d trust myself to be able to keep up with reading all the emails if I paid for a subscription.
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I think I would agree with that! What would you say is a great channel/format for you to learn things and be willing to pay a minimum monthly subscription for?
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Maybe if the information was in some sort of web app instead!
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Very interesting! I'm going to give this some thought. I'm doing a mini weekend project on how people perceive value, so maybe I can reach out and credit you in this little study, if you don't mind. :)
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Not a problem!
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These are awesome! Keep them coming! 🥳
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I love Filter Coffee for India-based tech and startup news. Morning Brew for US news. These two are just amazing in a fun way.
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I really like this one on mindful productivity from Anne Laure Cunff of Ness Labs - Eliason also has one around productivity and current topics - you’re interested in reading about workplace conflict resolution and psychological health and safety you can check out a newsletter I send out -
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I like the Hustle for business/tech news.
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James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) has a Thursday newsletter, and it's the only one that I read consistently! I loved his book, and his 3-2-1 newsletters are short and to the point--they talk about habits, productivity, mindset, self-improvement.(Referral link) referral)
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Morning Brew is excellent and free. The Information is excellent and paid, but goes deep. You can subscribe to previews of stories for free first to see if you want to dig deeper.
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I love Morning Brew! And second this!
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@valerielowym Hustle and Morning Brew are great! Also really like The Daily Carnage for marketing tips & insights.Also, if anyone is interested in beauty, I recently launched a beauty newsletter called Skindie ( with other cosmetic industry experts. It's great for anyone who is looking to get really educated or even if you're starting your own beauty brand!
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I’m curious - did you build this on Squarespace?
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Definitely like The Download from MIT Technology Review The Download from MIT Technology Review
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I launched a career newsletter for software engineers where give weekly tips about career growth and leadership. I currently have 300 members subscribed :) please join here if you're interested is a bit of a tangent, but do people prefer substack newsletters or just regular ones (managed through email marketing platforms such as mailchimp)?
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Thanks for asking this question @valerielowym, this community has so many good recs! Here are a few others:Demand Curve (growth tactics): Insights (tech, VCs, startups): Patel / Ubersuggest (digital marketing): Forward (business leadership): Hunt Daily (new product launches, especially in tech):
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The Hustle is my favorite newsletter!
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These are AMAZING! I'm so glad this list has also helped others get good recs to add to their reading list.
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Densed Discovery is one of my favorite newsletters to subscribe to:
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I've been hooked on Trendwatching for years and it never disappoints. Some of the most fascinating product/marketing insights any typically reported much earlier than most large journals.
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Julian Shapiro for growth marketing Hackers for actionable insights and market updates for indie founders and creators
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Only ones that are fast reads and add value to my life. Otherwise it’s all so overwhelming now I just try to not read emails.I’m deeply into sustainability & awareness so: Business of Fashion, Crowdsourcing, Robinhood, Ten Percent, and Eco Cult some I swear by.