Career Transition Advice

Hey Community! I'm seeking advice to make the career switch from Recuitering to either Project Management or People Operations. I'd love to connect if you've also switched to a new field. Thanks in advance! - Claire Koerschen

Consolidated your two posts and post this under "navigating career transitions" as well! 🤗
If you check job specs for Project Manager and people operations, what skills, achievements, and experience you already have? Which ones are you missing?
Hi @ckoerschen! I am former Project Manager, and currently a Coach helping people navigate how to reach their goals. If you are open to it, I would love to coach you (for free) to help you with understanding if PM work is the right role for you. Thanks!
Ruhina, thanks for the note! I would love to take you up on this. I actually just got laid off from Google today so any support would be much appreciated.