What was the best advice you got about promoting yourself at work?

...and the follow-up: How did it change your behavior?

Context: I’m writing a blog post for my company, with the idea that it’ll be published and promote on International Women’s Day. Ideally: I’d like to use your words (“My first boss told me to share my chocolate”) even if I don’t attribute them to you personally. Though it’d be nice to have a category attribution, such as, “says a senior project manager in healthcare.” Let me know if/how I could use your words.

Hi @estherschindler, I'm slightly confused by the question. Promoting myself how? Showing my work/speaking up about my strengths/title/salary promotion? I got a little lost with the sharing the chocolate example. Would love to share something once it's clear
In any context you like. I intentionally kept it open ended!