Does anyone have advice for submitting resumes to a company's talent pool (with the intent to land a specific type of opportunity)?

I am currently looking for opportunites in the Employer Branding (EB) realm, as it combines my professional experience in HR with my education in marketing/communications. However, I'm concerned that if I submit my resume to a talent pool, I may only be contacted about HR opportunities instead of marketing (as is currently the case if I'm ever cold-contacted by a sourcer).

The majority of my professional experience so far has been within the HR space. But for my current job search, I am intentionally steering my carreer more towards marketing. I see EB opportunities as an exciting, near-pefect stepping stone. I have tailored my resume to reflect EB skills, and have been getting first-round interviews when I apply to EB jobs. I just don't know how to communicate interest in EB opporunities when the roles are reversed: the company is deciding whether or not to reach out to me, based on how they choose to interpret my resume. Without directly having done EB before, I find this to be a unique challenge.

So that's gotten me thinking... we all know how to tailor a resume to a specific job description, but are there any ways to stand out for a specific role when there isn't a job description to reference?

Excited to hear from you!

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Hi @vrose, for these types of career transition opportunities, I've usually found it helpful to directly try to network with companies and explain your background and how you'll be a fit. It takes a lot of cold emails/Linkedin messages but it's been the most helpful for me!
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Thank you! Yes, I'm definitely planning on reaching out directly, and that's where I expect to have the most success. But I also figured that talent pools are one more way to show interest, and I wanted to make sure I'm maximizing that opportunity.