Startup looking for a tech-cofounder

Hi I'm Carolyn. I'm a longtime educator, award-winning author and entrepreneur. I have started an EdTech company called TeachMe TV® and I am looking for an ambitious, tech-preneur who is excited about building an impactful, innovative education/tech/media company. We already have a few customers and just signed our first school. Please contact me directly if you're interested.

You can contact me on buzz me here if you're interested and I will send contact details. Please contact @Carolyn602. Thanks!

HI Carolyn! Hope you're well. 😊 Would be amazing to connect if you're also looking for someone to support and improve user experience and interface (UX/UI) design of TeachMe. 😊 I have done work for and I would love to work again in the edtech space.
Hi there Una. I'm not really looking for a contract person right now. I'm looking for a co-founder/partner in the tech space with experience in gen AI, etc. But please do keep in touch with me. Because things are always evolving. Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate it. Best,Carolyn
If your requirement requires UX help, @unabassila might be a fit!