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I am working on convincing our CEO that we neeeeeed to be putting compensation in our job descriptions, but one of his qualms is that it'd be incomplete without equity. We are stumped about how best to display equity in a JD for a small private startup where the numbers are all still imaginary. Anyone out there have some clever ideas about how to best display equity shares on a JD?

Thank you!

When I worked for my last start-up, I made sure we added the compensation to the JD, and being a Pre-Seed we also didn't have specific numbers for equity. I added it like this Salary Band XXX-XXX + equity. Honestly, the salary band was enough for them to have the conversation and the equity conversation didn't come up until the offer stage. I hope this helps!
Underscoring this answer. I work across a number of orgs and having the salary band + "equity" (and sometimes other cool/interesting/meaningful benefits) is pretty typical for an organization at this stage of development. Hope this helps and good luck!
Agreed that it’s not just important to include compensation in the JD, but it’s actually required in certain states. You could simply state the salary band, then add, “Meaningful equity and benefits” to demonstrate what the full comp package entails.
Good on you to implement this! An equity band should be good IMO because it might also well depend on the experience of the candidate/can be negotiated. Now if you are asking how much equity to give, I'd recommend using Carta to calculate this and look at your industry average too :)But other than that I don't think you should overthink it too much.