Webinar: Tech, Design and Wellbeing in the New Digital Age

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the global transformation to a new digital age, and with it, immense challenges to and opportunities for our wellbeing. The intersection of technology, wellbeing, and design is breeding innovative technologies that will revolutionize the post-coronavirus world.Join Start-Up Nation Central and Joy Ventures for the latest edition of Tech Meets Design, “Thriving in a Remote World” to hear from a psychiatrist, bestselling author, and entrepreneur, Dr. Nina Vasan. Her talk will be followed by a panel of investors and startup founders, who will explore what investors are really looking for in emotional wellbeing startups.Dr. Nina Vasan, psychiatrist, bestselling author, and entrepreneur (Founder & Director of Stanford Brainstorm)Miri Polachek, CEO, Joy VenturesJonathan Friedman, Partner, LionBirdBoaz Gaon, CEO and Founder, WisdoDate: Wednesday, December 9Time: 9 a.m. ESTRSVP: