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Let's tackle Web Accessibility together. Who's working on being WCAG AA compliant at the moment?

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I found this Accessibility Checker that can tell you what issues are on your site:'s also this website that has a detailed reference to Web WCAG: have 2 websites that need to be WCAG compliant so I'm checking them with the Accessibility Checker and then going from there!
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That accessibility checker is going to be a handy tool, thanks for sharing that, wow. Already bookmarked to be used later.
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Accessibility checker (I like this because you can choose which guidelines to check against under Options)WordPressWordPress Accessibility project: the most comprehensive website on accessibility I have found. You can find an answer to almost anything here. Subscribe to their newsletter, the tips are amazing. NVDA (Free screen reader) W3C WCAG gospel. Also see:- Web accessibility tutorials: Multimedia Accessibility FAQ contrast checkers: (downloadable) (online) (online)ARIA started with accessibility tips
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Add an accessibility statement to your website: (This is mine)Ensuring multimedia that you post on your website is accessibleImages: note re Powerpoint and Word - if you are converting them to accessible PDF, do as much accessibility as you can in the Powerpoint or Word file prior to conversion and you will save yourself a world of pain.