What are some of the things that your company is doing to reward DEI efforts?

For one, my company just paid ERG (employee resource group) leaders retroactively. I love to hear more about how your ERG/DEI groups at work were start up, were they top down mandates? were they grassroots efforts? And if so, how are the leaders being compensated for their work?
At a previous company I've worked, DEI efforts were part of performance review for employees in management positions. In some cases, people were given awards and recognition.
I've never heard of paying ERG leaders... could you share more about this model? I think it's a great way for companies to continue to support the natural leaders who clearly have a passion to take this on without exploiting that extra labor.
Hi Joan! There are many things that came to play in developing this model. Like What @Jenelle221 said above, people were given awards and recognition. Point is to not recognize the people at Justworks who took initiative to build the affinity groups within Justworks to provide a safe space whether it serves to discuss current affairs affected by the affinity group or simply to connect with each other beyond what our job entails. Paying ERG leaders was key because it recognized the emotional and physical labor that the leaders take on way above and beyond their day jobs - which is something not every tech company has quite figured out yet. The model is very holistic with not just the actual compensation but also forms of mentorship and further education to equip these ERG leaders with up to date knowledge on what is happening in the DEI world across other companies.
This is great. I hope more companies will follow!