What's something you're tired of having to explain to people?

Here, let me start it off:

  • Why they can't touch my hair (the dodge & slap is real)
  • Why Gary Vaynerchuk is awesome, BUT you still need to think what's in your best interest
  • Why Kanye...just...WHY?!🙄
  • Why I iron my jeans. Everyone thinks this is weird, and I think it's weird when they go out looking like they just woke up from a 2 hour nap, they just took, in their jeans.
  • Why I don't want to bear children (the horror stories from friends...THE HORROR!!!😳 And this was at a baby shower!)
  • Why I feel like I deserve a raise ("it's not what I deserve, it's what I EARNED. Let's go over the numbers, shall we?"...)
  • Why I Marie Kondo'd my space. It AH-MAZES me that people are dumbfounded on why I got rid of so much useless 💩! And keep questioning me about it and saying, "Yeah...but, why?" GAH! How about, so I can actually SEE my floor! How about that?...

Your turn.

LOVE how you're resurrecting your older thread! πŸ‘
I KNEW this question seemed familiar. 🀣
+ Why I leave well-paying jobs that don't support my emotional well-being and personal priorities+ Why I take naps every day+ Why I don't want to go to brunch just because now we can+ Why I'm not afraid to cut off toxic family members + Why my partner and I do homemade or low price point gifts for anniversaries/birthdays/holidays even though we make good money
Can I get a "hellz yeah" to all of these?!You have to explain to people why you take naps every day?Have people forgotten how AWESOME naps are in the middle of the day?!....
It's just the *perfect* solution to me being a night owl by nature and needing to be an aspirational early bird.
Alysa, I truly do get it. I'm a moonwalker, as well, posing as a daywalker and it sucks.Though I still get my naps in - LOL!
"Why my partner and I do homemade or low price point gifts for anniversaries/birthdays/holidays even though we make good money"Nothing beats homemade gifts!
So tired of explaining that....- NO I'm not from North Korea but South Korea- NO I'm not Chinese or Japanese- NO I don't understand nihao or arigato- My English is "good" because I grew up here. Surprise surprise I also went to an ivy league school.- I live in an apt and rent. Stop asking why I'm not buying a house at my age.
LOL! People are unnecessarily fucking awkward...And why the hell do they need to know your origin story? I've known you for 5 seconds, how about a simple, "So, did you catch the latest episode of Loki?" vs. "Tell me about your struggles". 🀣And YASSS!!! Apartment renting is LIVE for me!Just thinking about the labor and costs of maintaining a house, even at my age of 40, I'm like - #apartmentlife
People are also ignorant!!!! LOL
why I'm vegetarian... πŸ™„
That brown people need sunscreen too and that they can have skin burns too.
The very first time that I went on Spring Break, with a friend, we were both adamant about laying on the beach & getting dark chocolate. So to help speed up the process, we slathered ourselves in baby oil, laid on the beach, and cooked for days. And it WORKED! I was dark choco-la-ta-tay & feeling good!Then when we got back to university I noticed these weird white flakes on my arms...My shoulders...Hunh? What are these?...My roommates & some friends didn't know what it was either, until someone finally told me, "Oh, you're sunburnt". And my reaction, and my friends reaction were the same, "Black people get sunburned"??? LOL! Yeah, it can definitely happen - ESPECIALLY if your gENiuS enough to use baby oil to fry yourself like bacon in a skillet, under South Beach, Miami sun. LMAO!
Haha oh I am so sorry, hope it was all better after that!
Oh I was fine! It wasn't like it hurt or anything. I was just embarrassed by all the damn flaking I was doing, so I was CONSTANTLY slathering myself with cocoa/shea butter so I didn't look like my "ashiness" was out of control. LOL!