Can you tear down our job description please?

Hello Elphers:

We’ve been on a search for a founding senior backend engineer at Equi for some time and I’ve been deeply disappointed with the lack of diversity in the candidates we’ve had. To be clear, I do not believe that diversity is (just) a sourcing problem, but I want to be proactive about building feedback into every stage of how we approach attracting, hiring, and retaining talent.

Some channels where we have shared the opportunity:

LinkedIn, Angelist, Elpha, We build black, DevChat, Rand Leadership, Ladies Get Paid, Products by Women, Latinas in Tech, TechMasters, Mind the Product, WW Code, Operation Code, Techwell Hub, Women in Tech, Women in Fintech, Fintech Folk.

I would love any advice and candid feedback from you on how can we improve our job description, as well as any recommendations on additional distribution channels to target.

I appreciate this community and your sage words

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Something I've seen in diverse-candidate friendly job descriptions is that they include "you do not have to qualify for ALL the requirements in order to apply" and then also distributing it in the right channels. I'm sure there are other things that are helpful too, so I look forward to seeing more responses!
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Great point! It can definitely serve as a barrier to those who are of the mindset of applying only when they feel like they meet ALL of the requirements (me). Do you have any recommendations on channels? I've updated my post above to include a list of where we've shared the opportunity. Thank you!
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I would also run your JD through this to detect and gender-biased language, if you haven't already!
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Thank you! I did run our description through that site and appreciate you sharing this tip :)
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There are too many skills and tasks listed in this job req. I would either scale it back to be just a backend engineer role or re-pitch it as a chance to get in on the ground floor, report directly to the founders, and build out the core infrastructure for a new product. To attract diverse applicants, I would mention that the founders are diverse. If you really want a back end engineer, trykeeping the 3 point bullet list of what they are directly responsible for and lose the other task descriptions. Each of these areas is a separate domain with a specialized skill set. Most engineers will touch two or three and can pick up the rest if they need to but I suspect you’ll have better luck if you narrow this list down dramatically. “make key contributions in…products, infrastructure frameworks frontendbackend software servicescome up with the next big ideaset expectations plan roadmaps, rigorous data analysis. hire, managementor new team members,Also recommend that you lose the 1 month, 3 month etc task descriptions. Three months is a standard ramp up time so claiming that they will be launching major services within three months will come across as overwhelming. Any engineer with imposter syndrome, which is alot of them, will find that overwhelming. Hope that helps!
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Thank you for these insightful and actionable tips! I was an engineer who suffered from imposter syndrome -- your tip on focusing on 3mo+ really resonated with me.
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Sometimes it's less about the description itself and more about where it's being posted. If people don't know, they can't apply.
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Absolutely! I updated the posting with some channels we've shared the oppt on. If you have any other recommendations, would love to hear them! Thanks
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Other channels you could consider distributing in:HIREBLACKBlacks in Technology TechqueriaRemotePOCJopwell Include.ioDiversify Tech