Looking for side project buddies

Hi Elphas,

I'm looking for people who would be interested in working on a new side project together or have me contribute to an existing side project.

I really think building a product/experience would help solidify my product management expertise, try out building in public, and add a couple of experiences to my portfolio

I am a semi new product manager with software engineering experience and I would be interested in finding a couple of Software Engineers and a UX designer to build with! We can think up a product together or explore a problem space we're interested in.

About me: Early twenties londoner with way too many hobbies that I'm always happy to share

Lmk if you're interested!

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Hi @ShayAF! Are there any problem spaces you are interested in? You can also checkout this resource: https://www.sideprjct.com/
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Thank you so much - I’m definitely looking at wellness/productivity applications but I’m open to working on anything interesting. This resource seems helpful!
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@ShayAFAlways up for working on some new challenges, let's connect, shoot me at [email protected]
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Sounds good, will do!
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Sure @ShayAFI will wait.
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Hi @ShayAF,I am interested. Let's connect.
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Hi @radka, what social media platforms work best for you? I’m happy to connect 🥰
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Sent you a LinkedIn invite. Looking forward to connecting with you.
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Accepted it! I would need to inmail you to send you a message though 😅 and I don’t have LinkedIn Premium
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Hey @ShayAFI'm a fullstack web dev in LA and interested :) I currently have a bit more time on my hands than I'd like lol
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Yes, amazing! What social media platforms work best for you? Hope to talk soon! 🥰
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Hi! If you find your buddies and still need a project, I'd love to connect. I volunteer at a non-profit organization that provides mental health services to women in shelters in San Francisco. I'm currently re-doing their marketing and brand strategy, but there's sooo much to do. It'd be SO good if we could create a digital version of their workshops, or even a companion app that women could use as a support in between sessions. Here's the website (https://akhilahealth.org/), but it doesn't really convey what they do. That's what I'm helping them with right now :)
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Hi, I’m working on a Masters in Computer Science (based in nyc) and would be interested in learning more about what they do and what they need. If it’s a fit I’m happy to develop an app/digital version of their workshops as a volunteer. If interested email me at [email protected]
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Hi @ShayAF, I'm based in London too. I'm working on a side project for myself (with likely no commercial value), but happy to catch up if you want to chat 🙂
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Yes! Will PM you 🥰
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Hey Shay, I’m working on a side project in the wellness and beauty space (super early days). Would love to chat — part time London based for ref! ☺️Fatema
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I will message you!
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Hello @ShayAF! I'm open to connecting and collaborating as well. I'm in the Product field and have lots of experience in the health and wellness industry. Open to sharing any key learnings that may be useful to you. Based in Toronto, Canada!
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Hi @ShayAF! Interested in hearing what projects you have in mind.
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Hi, @ShayAF!Would be so happy to connect with you. Email me at [email protected] or find me on Facebook: Rica Cerdeña
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@ShayAF - Are you still looking for project partners? I'm a software engineer, focused on the backend. I'm currently job hunting but expect to have more time in late October.
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Hi Shay if you are still looking for buddies, I will be happy to have chat about your ideas!