How do I get through a tech interview

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Hey Lenore! First off, I wouldn't get too discouraged. Trying to snag a job at a company like Shopify is incredibly competitive, and it's hard to be certain how far along in the hiring process they are for any given position. Sometimes you can be scheduled for an interview when they may already be considering whether to extend an offer to someone else.It's hard to answer your question without more detail about the role you're going for and your current experience. I wouldn't think stuttering and nervousness should impact whether you get hired.
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It was a position for IT security. I'm not as skilled with that as I am doing general web development. Although I'm going to brush up on learning that soon.
You have your foot in the door by getting the interview. I would suggest you write out some stories on paper of past achievements and then use those stories threaded throughout the interview. When you get stumped and don't know something tell them how you learn new things. Sit in front of a mirror at home before the interview and tell the story to yourself while watching. When you are in the interview, take notes. Take a moment to absorb the question before you rush to answer, and if you are not clear on what they are asking ask for clarification. You can also tell the interviewer at the inception of the call that you are nervous because you are so excited about the company. Do your homework about the interviewers and ask them why they are there and why they chose the company. That often helps!Breathe! not every company deserves you. Keep going till it feels right.
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Thanks for the advice :)