Hi Elphians! I/m new here!

Hi Elphians ( my dear fellow Elpha family),

My name is Jyotsna Bellare, I live in New Jersey, USA for the past nine years now.

I am a Telecommunications engineer (B.E from Bangalore, India) and have experience of nearly 7 years working as a QA in India before I moved to the US.

After a gap of 9 years now, I want to restart my career now after feeling blessed and thankful for getting to spend a lot of time and witness the initial growing years of my two beautiful daughters!

Now, I want to reunite with my passion for technically exploring new technologies, doing a lot of test automation, exploring cloud computing and related areas after being in the data center/SAN field for the first phase of my career!

As also, I want to witness the joy of multitasking that we women are born with - I want to pursue a terrific career ahead, cherishing all the time spent with my family as well as my music (trained Hindustani classical vocalist), my cooking (the dream to start a blog someday!) and also focus on the wellness and fitness of my family!

On that note, let me wish you all well and request that you think of me/contact me in case of job opportunities related to my profile. I can share my resume /take it forward therafter!

Much love,


Hi Jyotsna! Welcome to Elpha! Elpha has curated a nice job platform by partnering with some great companies - can search job based on your preference by filtering and reading through the company culture. Based on the companies you feel compatible with, you can request an intro and/or apply and the system will send you daily matches to your inbox :)You can also refer to the Salary DB - us know if you need any further assistance!
Hi Jyotsna, welcome to Elpha! Congrats on raising your family and now re-entering the workforce! You may also want to look into returnships, which are designed for people who have done exactly what you have :)
Also, I changed your tag of Job Board (where people post jobs) to Job Hunting :)
Welcome Jyotsna! It's great to have you hear :)
Hi Jyotsna,On top of the super useful replies from fellow elphas, here are some links that I'd bookmarked, more for women coming back from a career break. Check them out. this helps!