What was your favorite 2020 memory/win?

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Hi Lynna, I am so glad you started this thread--My biggest win had to do with my 13 yr old son who has severe cerebral palsy. When he was born, the doctors told us that there was nothing they could do for him. I refused to believe this and always said that at some point in his life medical technology would catch up with his condition and provide us a path forward. I had NO reason to believe this, and NO ONE who supported me in this belief, I was just going on faith and sheer determination. Two years ago, Stanford's pediatric medical team told me that they had started doing Deep Brain Stimulation (brain surgery) on children with my son's condition and that they were getting results. I then began the process of working with Stanford to make a determination if my son was a 'fit' for the program. Earlier in 2020 Stanford's Medical Review Board determined that my son was a match and in November he had two brain surgeries. He is the 10th child at Stanford to have had these procedures and his case is now being reviewed by medical experts and thought leaders all over the world. I'll just summarize by sharing that the results have been amazing and that his life outcomes will be very different as a result. 2020 for me was the year that the image my faith was put into reality. I hope others have silver linings to this year as well and that 2021 is bright for all.Rds!Jocelyn
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WOW @JocelynD What a story and thank you so much for sharing with us. I can't even begin to imagine the pain, hardship you've been going through but this is evidence of your faith and determination! You are a role model of a mom - I wish your son, you and the rest of your family an amazing, very healthy and successful 2021! I will be raising a glass in your honor tonight. :)