Real-time accounting software for startup founders

Hi everybody!!! I'm the new Head of Product Marketing at Puzzle, real-time accounting software built just for startups! I'm a CPA turned marketer and I'm so excited to share this new product with you all.

If you're a startup founder and looking for a really easy way to automate your accounting without spending loads of time or money, Puzzle is for you!

I'd love to learn how are you currently managing your accounting and finance? Do you manage everything yourself or you do hire a bookkeeper?

We use QuickBooks Online and have an accountant that spends a few hours per month reviewing our entries to ensure we haven’t made any mistakes. This same accountant created an Excel spreadsheet for us so that we can keep track of our budget vs actually expenses by importing the Quickbooks reports on a monthly basis. For reference, we have about 5 large clients so billing is quite simple.