Looking for a community / coaches for healthy holistic nutrition

Hi Elphas,

I found that when I have community support or commitment to a nutritionist, I have much better results compared to self-control or using digital apps/bots. Do you have any recommendations of groups or coaches that support the idea of healthy but balanced nutrition and physical activity as a lifestyle vs short-term extreme solutions like keto? Also interested in hormone balance with food management.

Do you use any digital solutions for building healthier habits and receipies inspo?

I’m a holistic health coach certified by the Integrative Institute for Nutrition, and my focus regarding nutrition is finding the best balance for you individually and supporting you in creating habits around that. There are ways to support hormones 100% within that, as well as work that I do with nervous system. Coming out of low level fight or flight has an incredible ripple effect on hormones and more. @coachbeccasnyder (I don’t post a lot of nutrition related content, because it can be so individual) I do have space for one or two more 1:1 clients right now πŸ™‚