Wellby Expert talks have now launched! Just out of beta and into the real world - would love you all to join me starting next week!https://bit.ly/3uXAuPm

Is this specifically geared towards women who have or are planning to have children?
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Hi @juana149 the talks range and are changing each week. The ones in the next week are for pregnancy and postpartum but there are going to be talks regarding fertility and even things people should know years before they start trying for a baby. Some are parenting talks too for those with children <4 for example to. There will also be talks on Sex and Intimacy, Pelvic Floor health etc. They vary but the goal is that the talks provide important information for people 25 - 45 / childbearing years where there is pressure to become a mom, be a mom, take care of your mom, be your best at work, and more. We will also have some topics for single women who are feel the stress/pressure of finding 'The One' because they are at an age/stage where they want to have children like their peers too. We have some amazing life coaches within our network. If you follow us on Instagram you'll see us announce each talk we do in case relevant to you https://www.instagram.com/wellby_app/. One last thing! You can sign up for Wellby to connect with the coaches/experts. We have this cool service where you can submit a question and get a personalized video answer from a pro (no apt necessary!) You get $15 to sign up to ask a question. And the live group sessions are free to join. :) Thanks for your interest!
Does this also include talks for women in their postpartum phase ?
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Hi @brandy112 Yes, we have amazing talks for postpartum phase coming up! On Thursday we have a talk called "Sex & Your Vagina: Pregnancy & Postpartum Bodies" with Dr. Krystyna Holland, we also have one that is about Transitioning to Solids with Pediatric DT Cinthia Scott and Toddler Power Struggles and more. There will be more on baby and mama information and support groups. New topics launching each week. If you follow our instagram you'll see the updates on all topics https://www.instagram.com/wellby_app/ or you can check up the next couple weeks of free sessions here: https://bit.ly/3uXAuPm