Black Americans are the most unique individuals on the planet.

From ancient times until the current age, the term Black American covers many different aspects including worldviews, literature, media, cinema, art, cuisine, traditional dress, attitudes, marriage, family, social customs, lifestyles, music, and dance.

A small significant portion of the population may include descendants of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Individuals who fit the definition of a Black American are the most unique individuals on the planet because they survived popularized genocide, massacres, and erasure of lineage. Black Americans were purposely and systematically robbed of genealogy, cultural heritage, heritage language, and inherited property. Virtually all aspects of Black American life, politics, and culture emerged as a characteristic of populations who were cut off from the bloodlines of native ancestry. Black American history was erased and the people physically displaced.

Despite the teachings of colonial rhetoric not all of these persons denote from African heritage. (Read More)