I'm thinking about moving to Vietnam in 2023 for at least a year. Anyone in here been? Have any tips for me?

I'd most likely be moving to Ho Chi Minh City, so I can live in the big city of Vietnam, where the majority of my needs will be met - good hospitals, ease of transportation, being able to get regular amenities, and of course - access to dance studios & maybe a fashion school (I REALLY want to learn how to sew my own outfits!) 😁

So if you have visited the country longer than 2 weeks, or you know of anyone that's living over there right now, I'd appreciate your insights about the location.

You know..."The 7 Things I Wish I Would've Known Before Moving to Vietnam"😅

And any other tidbits you can provide.

And YES, I'd 1000% be down for a Zoom or Google Meetup!

Hi @jikajika. My daughter in law is Vietnamese. My son met her other there. After meeting her, he remained in Vietnam, including HCMC for another 7 years, eventually marrying. They are back in this country now for about 4 years. DM me and I'll hook you up.
Thank you so much Ellen! I have one person in the wings I'm supposed to talk to this week - and Thuy and I are gonna hookup. But I'm going to keep your offer in mind, in case anyone falls through! Thank you, thank you!
@jikajika You're describing my dream life there in Saigon before I moved to the US. I was born in Hanoi and had lived in Saigon my whole life until 2018. It was so easy to go from dance studios to music classes, and food, travelling, night life.. Just endless things to do :) I'm so happy you're thinking about moving there, definitely dm me if you're down for a chat! - Thuy
DM'd you!
Wow that is so exciting! I was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City. If you don't mind the heat and humidity, I swear you will love the city!
My hair will curse me for moving to a place with so much humidity! LOL! But, it'll have to adjust if it's as amazing as you, and everyone around me, is telling me it is!