Software Developer for a Pre-Seed Phase Startup

Software Developer for a Pre-Seed Phase StartupWhich Employment Contract for a Software Developer hired by a Pre-Seed Phase Startup may be most appropriate?(Taken into account being in a no-profit phase)Would it be most suitable to involve the potential candidate on the long term company mission rather than on an income-based job position pay?
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Well well Lady, I believe an income based position might be better for the beggining. I had that nasty experience as to engaging a developer into our venture for long based initially and things turned out pretty bad after 8months. We didn’t share the same goals and thirst for work. Im pretty cautious on the people I onboard now. Feels like it safer and less cumbersome contractwise to go on an income base in the beginning.Hope this helps :) 😊Have a great day
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How well do you know the person? I'd set up an option pool and do cash comp and equity based on their experience and what they can do - standard would be 1% and a bit below or market rate. Then leave myself some room to add more to the option pool and award them based on how well we got along after the first few milestones.