Launched a dating app during the time of COVID-19 and feeling defeated..

I poured my heart into a start up that I was planning on launching in Miami this March, but unfortunately everything fell to pieces when coronavirus upheaved it all. I've sort of given up on it as my budget to launch has shrunk and I don't even know how to approach this market anymore. I'm starting to lose faith, but don't want to give up.Wondering if you ladies had an advice or similar experiences so I don't feel alone in this.Lyghtly is a free app that allows others to meet their possible matches on things they have in common, creating a more organic (and ethical) way to meet someone.
OMG don't give up!! Such products are SO important, especially in 2020 {:))I know you must have put A LOT of work already in this and you'd want the traction reward you deserve, but that's exactly why so little people go into entrepreneurship: the reward rarely comes as fast as we wish.. not giving up is so important.You're totally not alone in this. I know a few persons in similar situation and me included. I secured many team workshops deals in early March, started a company in mid-March investing a lot, and then lost all deals early April because all growth budgets got freezed. And hey, let's not forget, that this pandemic is 'only' on top of being a founder - one of the most lonely and challenging roles that one only understands when take on it (just look at this tweet thread've checked your website and it look so promising, please don't give up! (I may totally try and use it.;)) You must have had good reasons to start it. I'd focus on that..Just to challenge things in creative ways I'd ponder on how to know (have some solid data) what's the essence of the problem. To be sure you're addressing the right problem.E.g. Is it possible that if it was 2018, you'd have the same situation? And then it would mean that the essence of a problem is not Covid situation but... not enough momentum yet, not enough marketing, or the unique value is not clear for website visitors?What if the Coronavirus situation could be the greatest leverage? Normal dating became so problematic these days. So many people got stuck distancing alone and are simply lonely: dating is one things but new friends - wow!Ideating on possible future approaches with the product/market is something I absolutely love to do, so if you want to pick up my brain for this, I'm available for a virtual coffee.
Yes and yes. First some tough love. Where was your planB? Your app may have been a great idea but it was indeeed a project, yes? Where's the risk assessment and mitigation? You needed a plan which included how to pivot if things went south. While no one could have predicted this pandemic, as business women we must all anticipate setbacks and failure. Ex. I would have found a way to make it The "love in time of COVID" app. Finding companionship became challenging, thus the new problem to solve. There's your pivot. If you give up whenever you failure, I warn you, you'll be standing in the same stop for a very long time, alone. We women tend to linger too long in failure. Tilt your crown and carry on, Queen. I have worked with projects that have failed, including pharma, & that's some high dollar failing. But, I know what I do not only means something, but also that I am worthy and equal to the task. So, with that said, I say, lay your failure down and soldier on. We're all rooting for you and waiting on you to solve that problem.
How have you explored a pivot? Very very very few startups that reach an exit do so with the product they initially set out to build. Entrepreneurship is, at the end of the day, a game of resilience. Resilience is easier to cultivate if you’re obsessed with the problem you’re trying to solve, and not a specific solution.So, what’s the core problem you’re trying to solve? Who are you solving for? And how will their lives be significantly improved if you can bring a meaningful solution to market? Anchor there. Then get divergent in your thinking. What are ways you can solve this problem given the new constraints we have in front of us? Regardless of a vaccine, social patterns are likely to remain altered in various ways for the foreseeable future - can you be at the forefront of the new way we do things? Test, test, test your new ideas with people who embody your user personas. Do it in a low cost way, with basic wireframes and mockups. Don’t waste time and money going to code until you have a critical mass telling you they’ll pay for your solution. If you don’t feel like you can do that, don’t beat yourself up. Life is hard for everyone right now and maybe this season isn’t the season for you to build something. That’s ok, too.