Jan 29: Catalyst Conversation with Incredible Health CEO Iman Abuzeid

Interested in making your start up happen in 2020? Join us next Wednesday to hear firsthand how one female founder navigated Silicon Valley to raise a $15 million Series A and scale her healthcare tech start up to support nurses. 100% of ticket proceeds will support the DAISY Foundation. Hope to see you there! More details below - Women Catalysts is thrilled to host a fireside chat with Iman Abuzeid, the co-founder and CEO of Incredible Health. With a $15 million Series A funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz, Iman is pioneering the first and only online career marketplace that puts nurses in the driver’s seat by letting hospitals apply to them rather than the other way around, while also creating a supportive community for healthcare professionals as they advance their careers. Interested in using your skills to solve real 21st century problems? Curious about what it takes to start and grow a venture-backed startup? Let’s talk about it.Iman is Incredible Health's resident health and business nerd. A former medical doctor, she's a McKinsey alumnus and led product management at AliveCor, a Khosla-backed healthtech startup. She also fit in a Wharton MBA somewhere in between. Iman's immediate family includes three surgeons, and as a doctor herself, she knows how important it is to choose the right stepping stones in a clinical career. It's what drives her belief in Incredible Health and its potential to reliably help clinicians find the right fit.100% of ticket sales for this event will support the important work of the DAISY Foundation. This event is generously hosted by our friends at Incredible Health, which helps healthcare professionals find and do their best work. And they're hiring – check out their career opportunities at you have any questions, please email [email protected].