Networking Questions

As some may know, indipop is still new so I've been focusing on networking and growing my connections. But I feel like I'm asking the same questions and need some help.

When networking, what are your top five questions that you ask that are actively engaging and come off as WOW what a great question?

I hope it's okay for me to say that: You don't need to impress people with wow questions at all. The beauty of networking is that you may start out from the same or similar questions every single time, but then you find a different way to connect with each individual (or some not, of course).I love love love networking for two aspects: 1) what common ground I can find with someone just by talking about "the usual stuff" (anything from "oh, we both used to live in XXX" to a show we both like, whatever really), and 2) to whom in my network I can connect the person I just met – who would be the most valuable contact to them (because it can't always be me ;-)). That's really what makes a person a super-connector.
Thank you @MichaGoBig. that was very helpful
Hi @KCerv92, I don't have set questions per se. Maybe think about what your aims are for growing your connections. That might help direct your questioning but most importantly it is about others having a great experience by asking questions with authentic curiosity and sincere listening; can't go wrong with that!
thank you!!
I agree, focus on why you are networking with this person and what you hope to learn from them, and ask questions that reflect that.
Hi @KCerv92 I have a list of 25+ strong networking questions that I offer my coaching clients! I also offer guidance on how to easily find the right connections, what to say in your outreach, where to reach out, what to say on the call, how to run the call, how to synthesize everything you're learning, and more. Let me know if this sounds helpful - I also offer support with other career goals. BTW, I'm Rachel, a career coach ( and I offer a free career coaching call here --