Looking for PR referrals

Looking for intros to PR professionals - we've budgeted for outside PR for this upcoming year and are in the process of interviewing contractors.

If you provide PR services or if you love your PR rep, comment your contact info here!

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Do you have a specific focus e.g PR for a startup / a VC firm (my wheelhouse) or something else?
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Ideally, we'd like to work with a PR firm with expertise or experience with benefit corporations or for-profit social impact firms, but we're open. We're a start-up that's in the MVP stage.
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Hi @ilanabroad! My friend @valemanuel is the founder of an amazing women owned and run company. Her PR firm is the Dana Agency, and they seem to be doing a great job so far. Even though you have a budget, they also offer some pro-bono work for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ owned companies. Something to consider asking about with all firms you're interviewing!
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Thank you so much for this info! I'll reach out now!