Sharing Meals with the Right Strangers Isn't Weird

Hello new friends 💕

My name is Farah and I’m the founder and CEO of Okel: a platform that connects users over sharing meals at local restaurants for discounted prices.

I came to the US as a refugee 8 years ago and sharing meals was my ultimate recipe for making friends with people I never thought I’d be friends with, including my first Jewish best friend, whom I met in high school, and whom I named Okel after. Fun fact: Okel means to eat in both Hebrew and Arabic!

I quit my first job post grad after 8 months to start Okel and moved to NYC two months ago to soft-launch with a lot of faith, those post-grad & crypto savings (perhaps not my best decision), and conviction I cannot logically explain.

In the past 3 weeks, 23 dinners have been hosted for now 120 people who've signed up for the pilot, all using a Wix website, an Airtable form, and lots of persistence. Now it’s time to build a product and MOVE FAST. But I don’t want to do it alone!

Join the waitlist or apply to join Okel’s founding team of wonder stars (or gift the link to a friend) - I promise it’s gonna be the greatest rollercoaster ride🎢

👉 Waitlist:

👉 Okel's openings for product designer, head of engineering, and head of business dev:


  • 🤓Anything brand strategy. I’m that person who actually nerds about branding, like genuinely enjoys needing out about branding.
  • 🤫The secret sauce to meeting cool people over delicious discounted dinners in NYC - a shameless, true plug 💛
  • 💃🏻A yoga/bellydance fusion class to awaken that divine feminine in YOU (recently certified WOO)
  • 🌔Conversations about spirituality, life, “manifestation” and why I hate that term but believe in the concept
  • 🎒How to backpack through the balkans region on less than $500
  • 😋Improv-baking: it’s a thing, I promise

Let's flavor all meals with more meaning🚀

rachelclifton's profile thumbnail
What an incredible initiative, @farahalchammas - I love it! Would love to see this in London. 🙏
farahalchammas's profile thumbnail
Rachel, thank you😊 YES SOON!
iynna's profile thumbnail
I love this so much! From a more business side of things, what's your revenue model?
farahalchammas's profile thumbnail
YAYY, and happy to chat more about that offline😊
teresaman's profile thumbnail
🙌 wooo so great to hear that the dinners have gone well with such a high number of people on waitlist, congrats Farah!!
farahalchammas's profile thumbnail