The Be Your No.1 Cheerleader Paperback Book is landing this week! #selfpublishing

Hello Dear Elpha Ladies,I hope you're having a great day.My paperback edition of my Book, Be Your No.1 Cheerleader is being delivered to my house this afternoon! There is both a kindle version and paperback version available shipping to UK and US. I am looking forward to sharing my start-up stories, musical taste and motivation with you. My message is don't give up, shift your mindset around "Failure", and of course believe in yourself. Back yourself and be your own Cheerleader! Join me for my new event series on silencing the inner critic. Sign up for free here: your success!Warm Regards,Ekua πŸ’›
Wow - congrats Ekua! I've seen you share news about your book for sometime now and it's so exciting that it's now out and (soon to be) in your hands!!