Do you consider yourself to be an Expert?

One of the things I often hear from women is - “But I’m not an Expert”. I find this leaps out their mouth as an automatic response. And so I wanted to share the definition of what an Expert is - According to Wikipedia, “An expert is somebody who has a broad and deep understanding and competence in terms of knowledge, skill and experience through practice and education in a particular field.” And yet when you look at that definition, it’s not scary and in opinion many women are undervaluing their knowledge. And getting caught-up in believing that they are NOT an Expert. This is honestly a disservice to their skills, value, and perception of what they have to offer the world.  Because not ALL knowledge is the same. It’s important that you understand the difference between the different types of knowledge that there are ………. So that you can use your knowledge, and experience to create the RESULTS that you want in your life. Are you clear about the value of your knowledge? If you're a Senior Professional Woman with over 15 years experience and you’re wondering if you’re an Expert, slide into my DM’s with “Fountain of Knowledge” to uncover what your knowledge is worth. Or ask for an invitation to the mailing-list.

Ekua Cant

Corporate Trainer, Coach & Employee Wellbeing Specialist

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